System Features

  1. Modular design allows for easy upgrade to different models, unnecessary prime cost can be reduced.
  2. European standard switches inside, high sensitivity, long life with gold-plated connectors.
  3. Anti-water/ shock/ dust PA/PC case, suitable for the worst environment with international standard EMS button on the top.
  4. Internal antenna design both in transmitter & receiver to avoid the possibility of break.


  • Security code: Total 256 sets.
  • Transmitting power: <10mW
  • Transmitting range: 100m (standard)
  • Frequency range: 443MHz /868 MHz
  • Frequency controlled by: Quartz crystals
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C + 70°C
  • Rechargeable batteries for transmitter.
  • Receiver source voltage: AC380V 50/60Hz or DC9 -30V

* Customized buttons can be ordered.

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